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Parent's Corner
Parents Corner

We hold our teachers, support staff, and students to the highest standard of accountability; therefore, we are able to hold parents to that higher expectation level as well. Together we make your children’s experience at St. Bede’s educational, memorable, exciting, and most of all one that will prepare them for bright futures. We take our role seriously and know you do as well.

We welcome and encourage you to be an essential part in the metamorphosis of our young students’ lives as they journey along their path to success.

Weekly Envelope

St. Bede Catholic School sends a family envelope home each week. We typically do this on Wednesday and with the oldest student from each family. Envelopes include the newsletter and parish, school, parent, and class notices.

We expect you to return the envelopes the day following distribution. We do not prepare packets of information for those families who did not return their envelopes. We will also regularly post the newsletter on our Hornet News page, and we can send it electronically upon your request via email to the principal.

Parental Responsibilities

Agreement to enroll your children at St. Bede Catholic School carries certain parental responsibilities. We expect parents will:

  • Instill in your child positive values and attitudes
  • Be familiar with and support the school philosophy and mission, family handbook policies and procedures, and class regulations and policies
  • Support the educational program offered at St. Bede Catholic School
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences and carry out recommendations made at conferences
  • Fulfill all contractual obligations
  • Support our school and parish-related functions to the best of your ability
  • Take an active part in fund raising activities
  • Be responsible for all damage and loss caused by your child to school and parish property

Parent Teacher Group

By definition, all parents, guardians, and teachers are members of the PTG. The fee structure includes $5.00 annually for general operations of this group. Beyond that, the PTG raises funds for general operations and specific projects through activities such as the Santa Breakfast, mid-winter social, and others.

The PTG also sponsors and organizes regular educational and social opportunities for members of the St. Bede Community. Consult the weekly newsletter, for more information.

eScrip Program

A+ is an important part of our fundraising program. We ask that every family help us make the grade in our fundraising goal. Our school needs your support!

Making the Grade – We need all of our families to get straight A’s in their enthusiasm to raise funds. This task will not require hours of homework but just a few minutes of your time and your grocery club card number.

  • Log onto eScrip 
    • Enter the School or Group I.D. 
    • eScrip Group ID – 141860439 
  • Register your debit and credit cards. 
  • Shop at eScrip merchants! 
    • A percentage of purchases will be automatically contributed by the merchant
  • Use your eScrip registered cards for all your purchases.
  • You can also register to order giftcards online!

That’s it! It’s that easy - your family shops - our school earns dollars.
For eScrip program information, merchant lists, or to sign up online, kindly visit eScrip. Electronic Scrip Incorporated (ESI) has made a firm commitment to protect all customer information provided. ESI will not license, sell, exchange, or distribute any personally identifying information about eScrip participants to any third parties not directly involved with the eScrip program. Visit eScrip  for complete Terms and Conditions.