Hornet Volunteering

At St. Bede Catholic School, we do not take volunteering lightly. It is a wonderfully important way for families and community members to show their children just how much they value their education and care about their success.

Suggestions For Service

We are always in need of volunteers, and we welcome your support. The following are some ideas to get you started.

  • Field Trips
  • Classroom Assistance
  • Hot Lunch
  • Library
  • Office Assistance
  • Volunteering for Sports Activities

Volunteering Quote

At St. Bede’s we recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children, and we encourage you to be involved with the school in substantial ways. Your involvement is one way in which together we can build a better campus community.

In addition, not only do you help our school in the moment, but you set a wonderful example to your children regarding the importance of school while showing them how much you care about them. We depend on your generous giving of time and resources and encourage you to go well beyond the minimum required family service hours.

Required Family Service

Each family is required to provide 30 hours of volunteer time (15 for single parent families). Included in the service hours requirement, families must work eight of these hours during our parish festival in May. Throughout the school year, we have other opportunities for service hours.

Families may accumulate service hours in many ways; please see the sidebar at the left side of this page for suggestions. If you are in need of service hours, please look in the Wednesday newsletter for service hour opportunities or contact our school office.

In order for us to record your service hours, you must have the supervising member complete and sign the service hour coupon. Service hour coupons are located in the school office. We regularly check the service hour box, and it too is located in the school office.

Please Note: We will bill families for all incomplete service hours at $25.00 per hour.

Mandatory Screening

Please be advised, we will screen all volunteers working at St. Bede Catholic School according to the “Megan’s Law” criteria. According to Diocesan policy and state law, all staff members and volunteers who work within the school and hold volunteer positions in any capacity.

All staff and volunteers at St. Bede Catholic School must take the online course “Safe Environment for Children” every three years. Each year new families to the school must complete the online course prior to volunteering in any capacity within the school. This training is available at the VIRTUS Online website.