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Support St. Bede

We believe we must give children the opportunity to succeed in order for them to reach their fullest potential. It takes more than just hard work on the part of a student to become successful - students need the support of parents and community members working simultaneously with them as well.

We are thrilled to be able to offer many opportunities for St. Bede’s students, which help them learn and develop individual talents outside of the classroom. We recognize and are thankful to be blessed with a wonderfully supportive community comprised of local businesses, families, teachers, staff, individual community members, and of course, the Catholic Church that surrounds our campus.

Why Give

Our vision is for all students, regardless of economic means, to have access to and obtain a Catholic school education. We rely on our parents, alumni, local businesses, and community members to help make all we offer possible to those who wish to have a remarkable education by attending St. Bede Catholic School.

We would not be able to do all we do if not for your support. We thank you and pray that you will continue to find it fulfilling to support St. Bede’s.

We are in need of and graciously accept the following methods of support:

  • Donations
    • Check with our office about ways to donate financially to our school as well as in the form of supplies from classroom and/or teacher’s wish lists.
  • Classroom Support 
    • Check with our office to find ways to assist one of our classrooms
  • Volunteering
    • We will always be able to use volunteers for various tasks before, during, and after events.
    • We also require a minimum number of service hours from each family.