Additional Information

Below you will find documents and links regarding tuition, tuition assistance, and latest announcements.

Tuition Rates

Tuition Assistance
  • Financial Aid Application (Available in the office)
  • Oakland Diocese F.A.C.E. (Family Aid-Catholic Education) program
  • Diocese of Oakland – Tuition Assistance
  • The BASIC Fund is open to students entering private school for the first time, including all kindergarteners each year)
    • Need-based 
    • Telephone (415) 986-5650
    • BASIC Fund
  • St. Bede Catholic School Tuition Assistance Fund
    • Need-based 
    • A form to apply for this assistance is available from the school office
    • We give priority to active and returning families. If a family is able to make a tax-deductible donation to this fund, please contact the school office.

Tuition Financial Aide

The Diocese of Oakland wants to make Catholic identity available to as many families as possible. Tuition assistance for qualified students whose families cannot pay full tuition fees is available inside the Diocese from Family Aide - Catholic Education (FACE) and outside the Diocese from the Bay Area Scholarships for Inner-city Children fund (BASIC). (See the left side of this page.) Look for more information in the spring newsletters and family envelopes, or call the programs directly.

Tuition Rates

The parish, not the school, sets the criteria for the following three tuition rates.

Catholic Rate - The Catholic rate applies to all Catholic families except those who qualify for the active parishioner rate of St. Bede Parish.

Active Parishioner Rate - We consider active parishioners of St. Bede Parish to be families that use their time and talents to support the Parish. This includes, but is not limited to, attending weekend Mass regularly, participating in service to the parish, (e.g. eucharistic minister, lector, music ministry, usher etc.), and financially support the parish (a minimum of $40.00 per month) in the first plate collection through the twelve-month calendar year. Parish contributions are tax deductible.

  • To qualify for this rate, families must be registered and participate actively in the life of St. Bede Parish. 
  • The parish will confirm registration and active participation. 
    • If regular contributions, as determined by the parish, and participation in parish services and ministries cease, tuition payments will change to the Catholic rate.

Non-Catholic Rate – The Non-Catholic rate applies to families who are not Catholic.

Tuition Payments

Tuition payments are due on the first of each month and considered late on the fifteenth of the month. We will allow a five-day grace period. However, after the twentieth of the month, we will assess a non-reversible late fee of $35.00

Tuition payments can also be broken up into semi-monthly payments, due on a designated date agreeable between the principal and the family. (Examples: 5th & 20th of each month, 1st & 15th of each month.) The five day grace period will still be applied to the final due date of the month.

You must send payments directly to St. Bede Catholic School. You may make payments via mail, over the phone, or in person. Payment methods are as follows:

  • Check
  • Cash (we will provide a receipt)

Financial Difficulty Program

In the event of a financial difficulty, it is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to communicate directly with the principal. Should payment not arrive by the designated grace period, we will consider the account delinquent.

  • We will add a NSF fee of $25.00 to your account if the bank returns one of your checks. 
  • Any tuition payment that we deem delinquent will be subject to the Delinquent Tuition Policy described below.
    • We will not readmit all students of family accounts that are two months behind at the end of the trimester until the balance is paid.

We expect families having serious difficulties meeting the tuition or other contractual obligations to communicate with St. Bede Catholic School in a clear and timely manner.