Clubs Quote

Joining activities is a great way to meet new classmates as well as a way for liked-minded students to come and enjoy learning more about a topic, developing talents, and experiencing new things together in a safe school environment.

We encourage all students to become involved in whatever capacity possible. You may find a hidden talent that you never knew you had. More importantly, you will grow closer to Jesus Christ by serving His children.

Assembly Program

Special assemblies that are both educational and entertaining often enrich student life at Saint Bede School. Past offerings have included the San Francisco Shakespeare Company, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Moreau Catholic High School Band, Bishop O'Dowd High School Band, Wildlife Associates, Musica Viva, Rhythm Magic, and Hayward Police Department Safety Programs.

Faith Family Program

In the eighth grade, students serve as Faith Family leaders. Each Faith Family, named for a saint, is composed of one student from each grade. Faith Family activities take place each month. One favorite activity is preparing school supply boxes for children in shelters. This program helps develop leadership, responsibility, and cooperation in all students.

Fitness Activities

St. Bede’s believes in fitness of mind, body, and spirit. We have contracted with a couple of different services in order to provide more physical fitness opportunities for our students. Be sure to check in our office for more information regarding these programs:

  • Kid Fitness
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • One to One Sports Program
    • Basketball
    • Flag Football
    • Soccer

Student Coucnil

Our student council leadership team members are geared-up for action, ready, and willing to give of their time and energy. Their goal and presence around campus is to help make this a fantastic year for all.

The student-elected leaders for St. Bede’s are chosen each year.

Students, if you have any ideas that you wish to contribute, please feel free to share them with one of your StuCo leaders!