Our Staff Quote
St. Bede Staff

We encourage students and parents alike to get to know our delightful, dedicated, and highly qualified teachers, support staff, and administrators. They work vigorously and diligently to provide a safe, nurturing, and highly inspired environment that encourages learning and spiritual growth.

St. Bede Admin and Staff

Fr. Seamus Farrell

Lisa Greco

Ninfa Galindo-Trantina
Office Manager

Sue Ann Dunster


Jennifer Aguilera

Katrina Delgado
1st Grade

Tina Cruz
2nd Grade / Vice Principal

Jennifer Silva
3rd Grade / Vice Principal

Veronica Jarata
4th Grade

Tiffany Chen
5th Grade

Ryan Fitzpatrick

6th Grade Homeroom, Religion, Language Arts, Math, 6th–8th Grade Literature

Kristina Denison

7th Grade Homeroom, Religion, 7th–8th Language Arts, 6th–8th Social Studies

David Wolf

8th Grade Homeroom, Religion, 7th–8th Math, 6th–8th Science

Support Staff

Sue Barton
Learning Support Coordinator

Taylor Cruz

Jamie Durana
Learning Support

Sylvia Feliciano
Development/Health Chairperson, GAP Director

Gabriel Hens-Piazza
P.E Teacher/Art Teacher

Paula Ibarra
Instructional Assistant & Extended Care Assistant

Becky Marino
Extended Care Director

Olga Miranda-Smalls
Instructional Assistant

Majalyne Paguio
Technology Coordinator, Music

Lana Romo
Extended Care Assistant

Wanda Toscano
Instructional Assistant

Kayla Usison
Extended Care Assistant