Stack of Books
Our History

St. Bede Catholic School was founded in direct response to the needs of the growing parish community. In 1963, construction began under the direction of the founding pastor, Monsignor George Francis. In the fall of 1964, with Sister Gemma Fisher as principal, our school opened the first through fourth grades, and the first class graduated in 1969. 

The school's original structure consisted of eight classrooms, offices, a library, a faculty room, a workroom, a religious education office, and a large play yard and field. In 1980, we added the kindergarten classroom, the learning center, and an enclosed play yard, thus completing the facility as it now stands. In 1984, we created the extended care program, located in the Social Hall. With an increasing need to have a dedicated science classroom, we converted the learning center in the summer of 2008. Then, in 2010, we renovated the library to create a technology lab. Without the space for a dedicated library, the teachers have been completing their classroom libraries by filling them with a large number of Accelerated Reading books as well as other books, which the students can use on a daily basis. 

From the school’s opening in 1964, the charism of the Holy Names Sisters was to provide quality educational opportunities for students of diverse ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds and to develop the spiritual, academic, personal, and physical growth of each student within an atmosphere of care and concern. The Holy Names Sisters taught at the school for 26 years. Beginning in the fall of 1990 and up to the present time, lay administrators, teachers, and support staff have demonstrated their dedication to keep the spirit of the charism of the Holy Names Sisters alive by providing a quality Catholic education and encouraging each student to realize his or her full potential as an intelligent, cultural, spiritual, and socially aware individual. The Holy Name Sisters moved out of the parish in 2007, and the convent chapel is now the parish Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. Occasionally, teachers will take their classes over to the chapel to pray, and the staff uses it for their annual prayer day at the beginning of each school year.  

We are a very diverse community. Our families are of various ethnic backgrounds including Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, African American, Caucasian, and Middle Eastern. The diversity adds to the richness of our school. Safety is also an important aspect of our school, and the students and their families feel that we provide a secure and nurturing environment. 

We share many aspects of school life with our families and parishioners, and we consistently invite the greater community to visit us and see what we do best - provide a quality Catholic education. Our community is like family.